Reusable Dog Pee Pad


Reusable Dog Pee Pad


  • Beige, Medium - 40x60 cm
  • Red, Medium - 40x60 cm
  • Grey, Medium - 40x60 cm
  • Beige, Large - 70x80 cm
  • Red, Large - 70x80 cm
  • Grey, Large - 70x80 cm
  • Beige, Extra Large - 80x90 cm
  • Red, Extra Large - 80x90 cm
  • Grey, Extra Large - 80x90 cm

Our reusable dog pee pads completely absorb and retain your pet’s pee and odors better than any other dog pads for extended indoor stays, but also prevent tracking to protect your floors and rugs and keep them dry. Not only are our reusable dog pee pads more environmentally friendly than disposable pads, but also guarantee to save you hundreds of dollars. 

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Are you still using disposable pee pads? Let’s face it – they leak everywhere, smell bad instantly, constantly need to be changed, and harm the environment! Not to mention they can also be very expensive when it comes to monthly use.





Our highly absorbent waterproof reusable pee pad provides the best solution to help you prevent your pet from making a mess in your home. This amazing product protects your carpet, bed, floor, car, and even your pet’s carrier from your pet making accidents.





HIGH ABSORPTION CAPACITY: Our super absorbent pee pads keep liquids and odors locked in and do not cause any damage to your surface.

100% LEAK-PROOF: Our dog pee pads are functional and completely leak proof with quick absorption and soaking. Eliminates stains and odors.

MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION: Features a breathable and quilted top layer for comfort, as well as a super-absorbent core that traps moisture.

WATERPROOF: Has a waterproof shield that contains a non-slip safety coating, making it completely safe for your pet.

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Cleaning the pee pads is simple, fast, and easy. With regular maintenance, this product will stay clean and not have any odors or stains.





1. Can these be put in a dryer?

Yes, you can put this product in a dryer. We do suggest that you use a lower temperature to help preserve the pad. Air drying can also be an option.

2. Why are your reusable pet pee pads better than others?

We take pride in carrying the highest quality pet care supplies and products. We introduce new products every month, ensuring that our commitment to quality is top notch.

3. How can I get my pet to use the reusable dog pee pad?

Our product’s soft material and distinct pattern will help your pet recognize the pad but some training is required in order to teach your dog or cat how to use the pee pad. 

4. Can these be used for cats or other pets?

Yes, absolutely! They can also be used to potty train cats or other animals.

5. How long will it take for me to receive this product? 

It will take around 4-5 business days for the reusable pee pads to arrive to your address after the order is placed. Please allow 1-2 business days for shipping and handling.



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