Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution 0.5%

Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution 0.5%


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Timolol Maleate is an affordable alternative to Betimol.

Both cats and dogs are susceptible to glaucoma, a condition where the pressure in the eye increases and can lead to blindness and discomfort. Timolol Maleate Eye Drops are a veterinarian-prescribed solution that can help manage and prevent glaucoma in pets by reducing the production of fluids in the eye.

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Timolol Maleate is a medication that requires a prescription and is primarily utilized to alleviate the pressure within the eye. It is commonly employed in the treatment of glaucoma to effectively reduce the intraocular pressure. This particular formula is both safe and efficient, and it is administered through eye drops, which are directly applied to the eyes for optimal results.


Cats, Dogs, and other Species.



•  Glaucoma is a condition that affects the eyes and can occur in both cats and dogs. It is characterized by an increase in pressure within the eye, which can lead to discomfort and potential loss of vision.
• Timolol Maleate Eye Drops are a specialized ophthalmic solution that requires a prescription. These drops are specifically designed for dogs and cats, and they work by reducing the production of fluids within the eye. This helps to prevent and treat glaucoma in these animals.
• By using Timolol Maleate Eye Drops, veterinarians can effectively manage glaucoma in cats and dogs. These drops help to alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition and can potentially prevent further damage to the eye, including blindness.
• The use of Timolol Eye Drops may result in a slight sensation of burning, stinging, or irritation in the eye, which is considered a mild side effect.

• Additionally, Timolol Eye Drops have the potential to cause redness in the eye, although this is typically a temporary and minor occurrence.

• It is important to note that Timolol Eye Drops can also have an effect on the size of the pupil, potentially causing changes in its dilation.



• Employ appropriate administration methods to prevent bottle contamination, ensuring the cap is securely fastened when the bottle is not in use.

• Allow a 5-minute interval after applying Timolol to the eye before administering any other eye medication, to ensure optimal effectiveness and avoid potential interactions.

• Adhere to proper administration techniques, such as maintaining hygiene and following recommended time intervals, to minimize the risk of contamination and maximize the efficacy of eye medications.

As directed by your veterinary.



Consultation with a veterinarian is necessary to determine the appropriate length of time for Timolol Eye Drops usage in dogs and cats.


– The duration and dosage of Timolol Eye Drops usage may vary for dogs and cats.


1. What is the most important thing I should know about this product?

2. How does this product work?

3. How should this product be given?

4. What should I be cautious of with this product?

5. What ingredients are in this product?

 1. Timolol Maleate Eye Drops may be prescribed by your veterinarian for the treatment or prevention of glaucoma in your pet.

2. Timolol Maleate, a pharmaceutical compound, functions as a beta-blocker to alleviate intraocular pressure by diminishing the volume of fluid within the eyeball and obstructing the specific region responsible for the production of certain fluids in the eye.

3. To prevent contamination of the bottle, it is recommended to utilize appropriate administration techniques. It is advised to keep the cap on when the bottle is not in use. Additionally, it is important to wait for at least 5 minutes after applying Timolol to the eye before administering any other eye medication.

4. Store at room temperature, away from moisture and sunlight.

5. Timolol Maleate.


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